Thursday, November 29, 2012

When all you can do is hang on....please don't give up.

Have you ever been in a situation that doesn't seem to get better?
Have you ever been in so much emotional pain that even tears couldn't help ease the discomfort?
I thought of this today as I was making my way to work-and I saw this three year old boy, begging on the streets. He came to me and pulled my new Combo pants and left a smudge in the process. So, there I was proudly walking around town with a black stain on my grey pants- but something about his plea got me sick. Sick enough to wear my earphones and play a happy song to stop the tears from flowing. So, for the record, if you are reading this and was in Kisumu today in a 44 matatu, and saw this girl crying at the back-chances are it was me.
The boy asked me for some money to buy lunch.
I didn't have any spare, save for some juice in my bag-so I handed him that, but he shook his head and ran away.
But before running, he hesitated for a while-looked back and ran into the alley.
Can things be so bad that a parent would subject their child to such?
I know that this only happens in the jungle- where the Lioness hunts and ensures that the Lion eats- (talk of responsibility) but the Lioness has never complained.
Maybe you are reading this and you are going through a tough time that you are tempted to resort to a cruel means--- please stop and think of how much you are worth, and even if you don't believe this, think of how much you can overcome.
So, hang in there, try if you have to.
Like the boy who has left a smudge on my pants- I know he's yearning for food, clean clothes, a home, and just to play with his friends, but that is not possible. He is yearning to go home and find food on the table. Now he's doing what the adults are meant to do. It's tough on him and he still is trusting enough to hope that this would pass through. Though really hungry, he opted to leave the juice. He was told to get only money and nothing else, not even when he clearly wants anything else but money.
When all you can do is hang on, please don't give up.