Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to tell a lie

"Lawyers are liars spelled backwards."
"Never tell a lie."
"Honesty is the best policy."
"Tell the truth and it shall set you free."
"A lie is just a shadow of the truth; sad part is it's just that a shadow- dark and lurking behind the scenes."

Have you ever heard of these? If not, well, maybe you've had the best share of cliches but I reckon Google can shed some light on them. But, today I am thinking of something different. Let's spice things up a bit. You know make some black pepper soup or some very spicy vegetable soup and serve it with sweet potatoes or pumpkins- and set aside all drinks!
So, what's a lie? Well, for today I am out of definitions and not in the mood to look them up. But, I could simply go with two things about lies, you can either leave out something or add something. See, if you leave out a crucial bit of information for whatever reasons-then it's like detectives in those shows say, "you are giving false information." If you however add things to what was you could be doing the same. But, in writing-it is called creativity! It has produced some very great stories and since I love writing, we are going to leave all writers out of this. 
So, why tell a lie?
Simple answer in my opinion: because you are selfish.
I had once experienced the fact that keeping things to yourself could be awesome-it means privacy, control, and people get the feeling that you are mysterious and they are drawn to you- just so they can figure you out and all. But, all lies are never really told to protect the people we love, but the other way around. To protect the love we have with them- so they can continue holding us high in a pedestal even though we deserve to be at their mercy-so it all seems pretty selfish to me.
Why talk about lies?
I have been caught up in the worst kind of lie ever-and my heart beats so fast I think my head is going to pop out of my neck and sue for lack of support! But, someone somewhere was not right in their administration of a project- they claimed that I never got in touch with them when I did severally- and now that they are being questioned- they have simply decided to "deny, deny, deny."

But, what hurts the most-is not that they lied to save their face, but because I have already seen that ugly side of them and they still think they've won. The thing about organizations is that you have to be honest in what you do. When you fail to stick by your principles you become a sham-and I just realized that.

So, how do you tell a lie?
It's simple
1. Leave out some things from what you should say.
2. Add some things onto what you should say.

Either way, you'll have done something but what you can remain with is a guilty conscience or the adrenaline rush to tell more lies to cover up the first lie.

Hate less, Love more: Fear less, Hope more.