Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why Impulse Buying is a good thing

Impulse buying is not good: but it's the best Teacher there ever is on Loss!
So, given my experience today-I daresay that impulse buying is something worth your time and gratitude. I know my Business Management Lecturer is simply yelling *why????????????* but thank God, he's miles away from a computer and hasn't been reading Jodie .
So, today I was out and about- should have been heading to Siaya but plans changed and I got to interact with various research students who are doing their Master's Thesis at Maseno University . I was working and also asking questions about their research projects and learning more about their challenges. It was an hour well spent.
But, when we got back to town I couldn't help but pass by the Oile Market in Kisumu.There was this lady shouting "ten bob, ten bob, kumi, kumi mali" So I walked to her spot and she was selling bum shorts . I bought eight. The woman next to her was selling ladies tops- you know the big "I sleep in my boyfriend's t-shirt" kind- well, I bought five of those. When I was leaving the market, the urge to "freelance" (a.k.a  eat as you walk) came over me and I bought a slice of pineapple.
I got on a boda boda and headed home- and tried on all my new clothes, then it hit me, "what was I going to do with eight bum shorts?" 
So, I sat down and made this list:
  1. Wear them
  2. Wear them 
  3. Wear them of course
  4. Seriously, 1,2,and 3 aren't clear enough? 
  5. But why buy shorts just to wear in the house, because you do not really find it comfy enough to show your legs...sooo
  6. Wear them
  7. Okay, wear them in the house :-)
Now, back to impulse buying- I hadn't planned on getting shorts- let alone bum shorts, but I love them needless to say. My Sister always says, if you have it flaunt it with some dignity. So, I do like bum shorts- and I have them, and that means I will be wearing bum shorts that were not planned for-and there's no refund at the market FYI. Impulse buying involves some spontaneity- which I am known to possess at times. It also involves irrationality, which I possess a lot of. It also involves some creative drive- just a one time idea that feels so good at the moment you can't ignore it- and it is at such times that you feel your best. Impulse buying means you spend cash, that you will never get back, but it also means that at times you are willing to splash out on something- just because you feel like it. Key word here being "feel." People love stuff. As human beings we love material things, tangible things, scales, values. Isn't that why we had to create paper money and do away with barter trade?
And walk into any house and tell me if you can count all the stuff that people have. People buy houses, not to live in them- but to put their stuff in them. So, we are constantly buying things- constantly catching up with others-and spending money. I figured today that impulse buying is the one thing that shows how much one's feelings, urges, and intuition is in line- and also how much all these might seem irrational, yet the thrill they gave you upon purchase can never be relived.

Hate less, Love more: Fear less, Hope more.