Monday, December 3, 2012

Open letter to Sorrow

Dear Sorrow,
Before you consume my day and make me blue- please listen to what I have to say.
I am but two decades old and more-and in that short time, I know I have a Mom, two Sisters and a handsome three year old nephew. I also know that I have an education, and lots of friends courtesy of Facebook , Twitter , and Blogger .
I also text and call up people, because I have been blessed to hear, speak, touch and feel- but of all these when you creep into my cloud and threaten to cause a storm, my heart beats but my mind is at rest. It's like it suddenly registers that only my heart can reach out to you, so here goes what the hearth doth feel.
You come in many forms, but when you do- there's always a way in which my eyelids cannot hold back the tears and they come gushing down. You come when things seem to be beyond my control- and these things have the most negative effect on me and the people that I love. I have seen you at work with friends, family and even strangers. I see you when she's heartbroken, when he's disappointed, when they take their last breath, when he hits her, when she insults him, when she beats him, when he's told there's no hope, when she's told how many days she's got to live, when he's told to take a sip-just one sip, when she's given the needle to float in the clouds, when they say there's no God, when she sees them take him away, when she's told her child never made it, when they divorce and their children have to choose sides- I see you when that child eats dirt-just to stay alive during the drought. I see you when their homes are swept away, I see you when their child brings a letter of acceptance into an Ivy League school and they haven't got a dollar to spare- I see you when he comes home having worked in three places and his family is asleep. I see you when they say their child is not good enough- I see you when that child looks at the ground, to stop them from seeing his shattering heart. I see you when she's holding her son, and he's taking his last breath in a pool of blood. I see you-because I have eyes- and I see you because if I pretend not to- I too will create room for you in my life. So, before you go messing their day, please stop and in that one second I will pray for Courage to step in and hold them together.
I will pray because it's the only thing that reminds me of the fact that I am an army against you-and no matter how many times we meet- I will always remember that you only come for a season and with a reason- and that's to remind me of how strong and talented I am.


How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?