Friday, January 25, 2013

Mr Right, Mr Perfect, Mr Fake,whatever title you have...listen up!

I believe in Mr. Right well, not the one you are thinking- but the movie. I reckon, it might have earned 3 out of 10 stars from me. Honestly, it earns 10-because I could not have written that script, directed that movie, produced it and worse off I am not British. 
"Dear Mr Right,
  You could be the best from me when I'm the worst for you,
         Sincerely- Me."
But, you can read all about this on this blog: Mr Right .
I wrote about this following a conversation we had with my colleagues today-we met for soda and gossip at a restaurant in town and they couldn't stop talking about everything. It was beautiful to hear their voices and to know we could set aside our smart phones for a lovely conversation. We talked about work, career paths, family, high school friends- and then savings and the upcoming elections and finally landed on men. I know we love some guy drama. That is why boy bands sell more records, and chick-flicks rake in billions in theaters! They understand something we do!
When a lady starts by saying "my guy is okay..." Know that he is like 50% what she is looking for. When she says "at times I wish he would..." We know that there is trouble in that case and we scout for details. So, how we came to talk about Mr Right?
I said, "I believe one has to let go, feel pain, admit they are weak and most of all, I cannot simply hold on till a guy sorts his bitterness."
Yes, a bitter guy, is like nuclear- his bitterness will wipe you out! But it hit me that growing up most people are told to seek their happiness and that love is meant to be that. It is also sad that in doing so, most children grow up hoping to find a soul-mate who will make them happy. For starters, no one holds your happiness in their hands. See, it is simple- you seek something, and in doing so if you delegate this to another person who is also on a quest you will be disappointed.
So, the question they all asked me "does Mr Right exist?" 
I find it nerve wrecking to be the only one who studied human behavior amongst my friends, they always ask me for first aid counseling. I smiled and said "right is relative."
They bickered all they could.
But bear with me here- we all have different upbringing. We subscribe to different denominations that have us obey certain rules and regulations for harmony of message delivery. We listen to different kinds of music, watch different shows and have various talents. So, what I deem a top quality in someone is nowhere near top 100 in someone else's list. And, the thing about lists is that they reflect bits and pieces of us. I know what it means to be bitter, hence I would not like to be anywhere near a relationship with a guy who lives in bitterness. But when all is said and done-the only Mr's you will find for sure, will be followed by either a Christian Name or a Surname.

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