Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's Not You, It's Me :-)

Well, it is Me, really...let's not make a fuss about this.
Have you ever heard of Locus of control?
It's like finding something to blame for what's happening to you. Some people believe that they are not to be held responsible for their actions because they were brought up that way or circumstances changed them and all. Other hold themselves responsible for whatever happens to them. But, I will dare to dream and let you in on a few things that I learned or rather think I learned today:
  1. You can take whichever action you choose and accept the consequences.
  2. It is never about anyone else but you. Once you understand what you feel and why certain things tick you off, then you can think of others, hence the Golden rule: "Do unto others what you expect them to do unto You."
  3. Pleasure without Conscience is indeed a blunder- hence #YOLO would be awesome if it stuck as Adam Levine said "You Oughtta Look Out."
  4. Love is beautiful.
  5. People will judge and hate on you, but only if you let them.
So, why is it that some people are quick to blame others or simply think that whatever happens is out of their control? Some are weak, and others simply do not want to face the harsh reality that they have let themselves down. It is always easy to blame someone. I mean have you ever wondered why it's easier to point away from you than at you? You are obviously reading this and thinking "Life is not a party Dora" well, wake up and throw one! It is sad that most people live on the cliche that "life is unfair" when they forget that it's them who are living beings! How can what you have been granted be unfair unless you make it so? Fine- you may say that "no man is an island, and I cannot the change the world alone" BUT you can change how you view the world. How about you say, "life is mine to live and love?" How about you wake up and face each day with "whatever happens today, I am not going to let it get me down and lose hope on my dreams?"

I was telling my Mom today that I am taking free online classes at  and she was glad. I figured since I am involved in Research work and still have time to volunteer, it would be good to learn something. I believe that people have within them the power to either be great or self destruct. So, before you start pointing fingers or looking for excuses why don't you take time and say "this is happening to me, what part did I play in this? How did I play that part? What am I to learn from this?"