Monday, January 7, 2013

The World is a Small Town

The world is a small town- be nice to people.
I had to start this post-by talking about niceness! I know it's a little bit out of my league-but I have to. So, Justin Bieber has 32,576,799 followers on Twitter , and other musicians and famous people have almost as much. We have a lot to be grateful for-like the Internet for instance. We all know about these world events, or trending topics via the internet. We also know how far apart we are, by how often people use short forms of words online. I have to admit that I am grateful for Google . How else would I have learned that "smh" means "shaking my head" and "nkt!" means someone is pissed? And before I forget I didn't know what "hbd" meant-till people started posting that on my facebook wall on my birthday. I learned that it did not only mean "had a bad day" "hot black dude" but also "happy birthday."
But that said the world is us. We are the people who drive it- and when we have so much going on within us that we fail to notice the little changes around us, it's like Time is watching us slip up. This came to mind yesterday as I was writing in my journal about what happened during the day. It was not a spark but a complete minute of reflection. It resulted in this post. The world is a small town. People know people's business in small towns. People grieve and laugh together in small towns. People have dreams of leaving small towns. People who reside in small towns, know they love being home but would one day leave to venture forth into a city and then come back home one day to make it better. That's the world-it's our world. We have each second to live life. Not to demand perfection or excellent results but to live it as our own. We make the best of each moment.
As a member of the UN inspired team of "The World We Want" we were discussing some of the 11 Global Thematic Consultations that have began and will continue till 2015 in the hope of attaining the Millennium Development Goals. And these are:
  1. Conflict and Fragility
  2. Education
  3. Environmental Sustainability
  4. Food Security and Nutrition
  5. Governance
  6. Growth and Employment
  7. Health
  8. Inequalities
  9. Population
  10. Energy
  11. Water

You can read more about the world we want here
The point is we have so much going on- and it's time we all took an active part in seeing that things change for the better. Start with yourself. Congratulate yourself, treat yourself when you achieve something. Don't be too hard on yourself when you make a mistake-instead ask "what can I learn from this?" Spend some time with friends and family. Let them have memories of time spent with you-it is the best investment you could ever make. Volunteer for a cause. And don't say that you are too busy at work to do that-there are Online Volunteers even for the United Nations. Share your thoughts about events and governance-that goes a long way in bringing change too. The world is a small town, but you have enough love and time to make it a prosperous city.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?