Thursday, April 18, 2013


"I am sorry."
"I am sorry, I did not mean to hurt you."
"I am sorry, please forgive me."

Have you ever been disappointed by someone so many times such that every time they say "sorry" it is more of a word to them but a duty to you?

I will bring to your attention a song titled "I Hate Sorry" by Jason Chen . It is off his album "Never for Nothing" which was released this April on the 15th.
It's about being hurt by the same person so many times- forgiving them till you become tired of hearing the word "sorry."

I have also heard of people saying "sorry is such a sorry word."
But, isn't it what such a word asks of us that is most important?

I will admit that I do not forgive easily. I have the uncanny ability to remember the time, place and moment when someone offended me- even 5 years later on. But, something about letting go is never easy.
It is never easy for starters because whenever people say or do things we get personal- we are affected by it so much and it makes us question why they would do such a thing. You know, there is never a moment in time where we would find the person who will never say "sorry."
They may not say it to people but to themselves.

If you ever doubted the power of words, how about sorry?
The moment someone tells you "sorry" you have this battle inside you to forgive and overlook what they did. They utter a word and you have the duty of letting go- which like I've said is an uphill battle.

But, there is something I felt when a friend apologized for having hurt my feelings- and it was like I spaced out. I was numb not to her but to the world. I felt like everything around me was stuck as I was floating. I told her "Thanks." I have never regarded her the same, and in a way- I forgive myself for having allowed her to hurt me so many times, as for her- our mutual friend Grace, tells me that what I did was not Christian of me. She still insists that I should treat her like I did before, that's the true kind of forgiveness.

Grace is right based on how she views and relates to her interpretation of Christian Values. She can forgive easily and move on when people offend her, but there is something else she knows about me- she knows that whatever I set my mind to, I will do it- even if she throws the Bible at me. But there is something I have come to accept, people make mistakes and people have chances. The world has so much to offer that it does not revolve around a few people.
If you get one chance to make things right- give it your best shot, your best might not be someone's best- but give it your all such that when that chance is lost, you had your moments and you'll get to cherish those.

At times people just want to hear "sorry" at times they do not.
If you constantly offend or hurt other people- then "sorry" becomes just another word, it hurts them more to hear you say it.