Friday, August 2, 2013

When all is said and done

How has your week been?  I confess that mine has been full of surprises, some have been good while others have left me astounded. I finished reading #theboynextdoor by Meg Cabot, and I came across #thesecretcrown by #ChrisKuzneski too. It has been fun reading one genre and embarking on another.
But the one thing I have learned is that determination goes a long way in realization of dreams.  People have dreams. People have goals. Some achieve them, while others, for one reason or another do not, but that doesn't matter, what matters is the process. I attended a training for a whole week. I made a few friends too.  It is from my interaction with them that I learned the value of holding onto dreams by working hard towards achieving them. A friend once told me, 'in life, you either work for or work with someone, woe unto you if it's the former.'  I thought it was a drunk stating his woes but, I also know the devil's drink does serve a purpose.
Is there something you have dreamed of achieving? How have you gone about it?  What are the challenges you've faced? Are you still fighting for it or have you put it on hold?
Life is full of lessons, not because we deserve to be taught, but mostly because we deserve to learn. We deserve to know a black hole from a clear path, and this is where our actions and thoughts come in.
I have been reading lots, and writing only notes but I intend to finish writing #Memories. I have precisely twenty five days to publish it on #Smashwords. So with a new look, lots of time to work and write, I have promises to deliver.