Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I have had a whole week of little activity!
Yes, it has been nothing but writing, reading, listening to music and most of all following up on a project that seems elusive, so I figured why not write about it? And it is courtesy of this inactivity that a friend asked me what she can do to find the right man, someone who she can settle down with. And I looked at her and thought 'why are you asking me?'  So, I asked her 'what do you seek in a husband?'  And she started 'I don't really have it, but I want a good man. Why are such men rare to find?'
I told her 'good men are everywhere, you find them when you first dating, then they fade away when you get to know their real selves.'
So she went on asking, 'what should I do, I am ready for a Relationship but I can't seem to find the right man.' I had to think this through and the saddest part was that she was serious about this. 'If you aim for nothing, you will hit it, so if you want to aim for your husband, you have to find a target. A good man is a vague statement, instead think of qualities, some hobbies and personality that you would consider ideal in a good man.' And most important is letting your personality shine when you are around guys, don't put on a show, and seek to be known based on your real self. But as soon as I finished talking to her about it, she turned the tables on me. I thought we would work on helping her solve her dilemma but she went on to ask me to list the qualities I deem valuable in a potential husband. I replied that I wasn't looking for one, and didn't seem keen on marriage at the moment. She laughed. She couldn't believe that I was not keen on marriage and my attempts to understand the humor have left me frustrated if not bemused. So, now given that I have some awful feeling overcoming me (Malaria)  I have to admit that this past week has not been as inactive as I thought. For I have done more than I expected and worked on my writing and that's more than I could say three weeks ago.