Monday, October 21, 2013

Stick-Note living.

I love stick notes.
You simply buy them, and use them as colorful reminders of things you either ought to do or remember. I have been reading three books this week, yes, it's not multi-tasking, but simply going through different works at different times. I learned that I can read much faster by tackling a few chapters of each book, and in this way, I am able to understand the different styles of writing and characters. So, what does this have to do with anything? Well, it seems more like a time factor indeed. Some people live the stick note kind of life.  You have so much to do, and the desire to please that you have time for reminders but not enough time to simply be yourself. If say, you have a board where you stick your notes, so there are these brightly colored notes in your face all the time - my only concern is how often do you take down a note? Because if you accomplish a task, you take down a note, right? Now onto real life, do you have time for friends and family? If you work Monday through to Saturday, do you have any time for them? I learned that I don't. I am writing a full length novel in preparation for #NanoWrimo this year and I am not willing to hang out with friends or indulge in chit chat simply because I want to see this through. I have to confess that I want to be consumed by this story, hence the stick notes. It's hit me that not all my friends and family understand the need for me to be in isolation as I write. I have never done this before, so they do not understand why I choose to be away from any form of social interaction.
So, some times you need a break - take it!
Use it and grow from your time off, come back better, stronger and with a clear mind. Do not shut out the world, without understanding the need for that kind of isolation because it could consume you.
And while you are at it buy some stick notes, they could come in handy- and while you are at it too, #Nakumatt has quite the collection look what I got!