Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why do you Love Music?

I was reading "Why do we love Music?" off LiveScience this morning.

Did you know that Researchers have not yet found the definite reason for why we love music.
I mean- why do you listen to certain genres and not music as a whole.

For The Record (FTR): I have a friend who cannot stand Classical Music- just like I cannot for the love of me listen to more than two songs by Westlife.
Image Courtesy of : Text In The City

So why do we love music?
As far as I know there are some few reasons that are very relative: escape, emotions, function.
Music can help us deal with certain emotions- like when you are feeling blue and there's one song that simply gets you going! Or when you are feeling awesome and you cannot stop dancing or singing along to a tune.
I will confess that this second part has caused me some glares- I have danced in public to Fuse ODG . You know his tracks- #Azonto and #Antenna.

I have been writing this journal for my potential daughter- Aurora , (yes, it's the Aurora project) and I found myself listing some songs that she should definitely listen to.
A friend found this odd and asked "what if she doesn't share yoour taste in Music?"
I told her, "I'd love her all the same, but it doesn't mean that she shouldn't listen to my suggestions- see Music is all about discovery, she will find what she loves to listen to, but first she just has to be willing to listen."
So, I shall tell you about a few people who I know- and their favorite artistes...

Bill a.k.a (@beelyreader )
He loves: Drake, 2 Chainz, Eminem, www.macklemore.com, Tupac.
And he's definitely go mad because I did not start that list with Tupac!

Chez (my adorable Elder sister)
She listens to: Sauti Sol, Taylor Swift, Neyo, Jason Derulo, and I have heard her sing along to Liquid Deep (just saying!)

My Mom
She loves Kenny Rogers, Donna Summers.

Me :-)
  1. Daughtry
  2. Gavin DeGraw
  3. Ed Sheeran
  4. James Blunt
  5. Sauto Sol
  6. One Direction (yes, I'm a #Directioner)
  7. Alexander Acha
  8. Laura Pausini
  9. Il Divo
  10. Jon McLaughlin
  11. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  12. Conor Maynard
Yeah and the list is endless...
But that aside- have a wonderful day and we'll talk more during the week, but before you go: why do you love music? who are some of your favorite artistes?