Thursday, November 28, 2013

Onto new things!

I should be jumping up an down like a kid high on sugar- but seems
like my skeptic side is really getting the better of me.
In the previous post- I had told you about a potential publisher and
their interest in my writing and publishing in the Kenyan market.
Well, today I would like to focus on that- because I am both elated
and scared!
Well, now that I am being honest about it- it really does scare me
because I have had quite an experience with Kenyan publishers- and
this got me to practice and work on my writing by posting my eBooks
for free at Smashwords. It has been a wonderful experience and now
that I finally have the chance of having my book out on the
bookshelves across the country- my heart seems to lurch and then stop.
It is normal (psychologically speaking) to be scared or have your
nerves act out when you are at the brink of something you strive for,
but for once, I know that I will have to work really hard and perfect
my grammar, style and voice. I would have to make sure that when
someone picks up my book to read, they do not feel as though they have
wasted their time and money- and that in itself is quite some
So, how am I handling it?

I am writing and re-writing!
Yes, nothing beats precision like constant revision.

So, what would become of the story I am writing?

I guess that depends. If the publisher loves it and thinks it is worth
a try then I would definitely be glad to have it out there, if not and
there are more revisions to be made, I will make them. If after all
this it still ceases to make it to the bookshelves, then I will have
to share it with you on Smashwords.

I'll keep sharing until that day that I break out onto the
bookshelves. I realize that there's a lot more I could do especially
by sticking to writing in the first person- and being as subjective as
I can. So, i will build up on that and maybe draw on some more
experiences to ensure that whatever I churn out could positively
impact someone's life. I can try and see where it leads me.

So, if you are facing a new venture like me and it feels as though
your knees cannot sustain you- think back to who you are and what you
are striving for. Think of how much time and effort it has taken you
to get to that point- and then stop, and think of what step to make.
If it is forward- all the best! If it is backwards to amend a detail-
all the best. If you choose to stand still and think it all through,
then I also wish you the best.