Saturday, November 2, 2013

I have nothing to write about!

It's true.
I knew I had to blog about something but it slipped my mind.
I know it was right there- then when I sat down and started going through other blogs it just disappeared and now for the life of me, I'm rambling and wondering what should I do, oh what should I do!

Then it hits me...I have written a whole paragraph!

Okay, I think I can work with this...

It's the first Saturday of the month of November and I have started working on NanoWrimo ,and that means 50,000 words to go to the end of this month.

So, I started listening to Jon McLaughlin and the track "Oh Jesus" started playing.
You can watch the video of his live performance here

And it got me in a bundle, have you ever felt like you ought to change the world?
Like there's some higher calling to attain greatness that awaits you!

This feeling got to my nerves and I felt like I would rather have nothing to blog about that this call to greater good piece!
So, just when I thought I should not- my Sister calls to simply say hi and wish me well.
You know the thing about talking to Chez is that we always have a good laugh. She is eight hours away from me and we can still manage to give a summary of the week's events and catch up on what's new with us and I love that.

Then she says that she's glad I help out with her son- my adorable and sometimes a pain of a little person nephew.
And there with those words I feel as though I am doing something meaningful. And so the wave of 'am I really doing something great?' goes away and I remember I have some Greek characters to write for my next assignment.

Before I click the "SEND" button- here's my challenge to you..."what are you doing to those around you that would make them glad they met you?"

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?