Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reactions + Experience= ?

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"Every man is the sum total of his reactions to experience."
Hunter. S. Thompson

In line with #TheGraduateDiaries I would like to share with you something on planning for the future. Yes, I know we often have to think beyond our noses, but my focus today is just on how noble and realistic are we about that. Being that I am the Queen of dreams and Procrastination (which I am truly working on) this might be a little muffled, but do read on, you'll learn something.

So, on October 15th this year, I posted Inactivity where, I talked about the idea of making a shopping list for the qualities that a friend sought in a man. I asked her to be specific about what she wanted.

Today, I would like you to think of any decision you've made regarding your future.
And we can start from the age old "I want to be a _____________ when I grow up!"

Did you become what you sought after?
Are you on track, or have you veered off?"

So, let's take an example "I want to be a Doctor when I grow up."
That's a statement. It's a goal. To attain the status of a doctor you work hard to attain good grades, choose the right combination of courses and attend the best medical school you can afford and after years of dedication you graduate right?
You conform to the goal. Your life becomes the attainment of a concept.

So, am I saying that it's wrong to seek to be a doctor, nurse, mother, teacher, or any other career? NO.
I am saying that it is definitely wrong not to seek experiences and opportunities that would develop both your personality and other skills that you may possess.

You know, with the goal in mind that is so set in the future- you find that you have to live a structured life.
You set a goal that demands certain things of you and you adjust to these demands of a concept which cannot be valid.

Human beings are unique in personality and temperament, and it's up to you to build these and while doing so learn a few skills that might be of use to you in the future.
So if you wanted to be a doctor when you are young, and right now you are not, what has changed?

It's your perspective that has changed .
It's not the doctor that has changed, it's you.

So, whatever you set out to do, choose a path which will let your abilities function at maximum efficiency towards the gratification of a positive outcome you desire.

Make the goal conform to you, not the other way around.

So, what does the summation of reactions and experiences lead to?
Well, I haven't much to say on that aside from what Hunter. S. Thompson said

"Every man is the sum total of his reactions to experience."

Are You?

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?