Friday, January 17, 2014

Choose Me

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It's a direct link to my first short story of 2014 on Smashwords.

It's been a good start for me reagrding my writing. I have to admit that following the realization that I do like writing about relationships and romance, writing this story felt good.

It's titled Choose Me. It follows the relationship of Alice and Jack- but I will confess that it's a teaser. There's more to this story than I have let on because it touches on sexual purity, and gives a glimpse of how the couple work through their commitments and understanding.

What inspired this?

A conversation I overheard in a matatu.

Yes, was a bus really, the RASASI/JASET buses that ply the Lang'ata route here in Nairobi. I was making my way to my uncle's house when these ladies started talking about purity and the programme in their church that advocates for this and they went on to lay their fears and hopes about it. One girl (her voice was pretty strong- more like someone who's had a few smokes) said she would be glad to try it, but her concern was whether any guy would stay pure until they married.
This made the others laugh and chip in. I rather liked listening to them- but had to alight at my stop and when I got home, I was faced with the challenge of writing a story centered around purity.

The name Alice came to mind.
The name Jack was sought after- because I thought maybe Ben would have been good, but after a while I figured that I have used that name before.

So, what's the story between Alice and Jack?

Just click on that image (as directed by me :-) ) and read that short story. It's the beginning of the story between Alice and Jack #jalice , and I do hope to get your views on it too.

Have a wonderful weekend!