Saturday, January 11, 2014


'Love is patient, love is kind.'
I couldn't get this out of my head as I went to bed yesterday. It should have been easy for me to understand, but somehow my expectations got in the way, and I let them.
Have you ever been hurt by a family member?
I have for the longest time held my family as : my mom, my two sisters and my nephew. Everyone else comes second, and it's safe to say that some relatives are nowhere near sheer concern or understanding.
So, have you ever been hurt by your family? Friends? Loved ones?
The greatest betrayal came in yesterday, when I expected one of the people around me to accept their mistake, and they didn't. I heard her yell, and hurl insults at me in her defense, and like any person I was hurt. She's older than me. She's been around the world, and learned more than I have, but she failed in displaying understanding. So, I asked myself, how much of it could I take?
A lot more.
I could do with a lot more, and I did. Now that it's done, I have a lot more to do and learn, but my family stays as I deem it.
You are reading this wondering how can she do that? What is she doing? In fact, what is she talking about?
I'm talking about taking time to see things from afar, to be the bigger person and hope that in so doing you will see the other person for who they really are.