Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pens, Pencils, Writing Pads...and the Internet.

Have you read this ?

You should.
You can check this too, for as long as you are in a reading mood and want to feel as though you are not the only drama magnet alive!

Enough of the marketing and let me get down to some serious sharing!
In the past, I have always felt that if I experience something and it can be a great lesson to anyone or a great laugh- then I'd blog about it. Now, here comes the story of the week!

I've had a wonderful week! I spent most of it taking coffee, drafting paragraphs for stories and hoping that the Juvenile Center here in Kisumu takes me up so I can volunteer there in my free time. I attended my cousin's confirmation event on Sunday- and the talk was all about being the solution.

It's easy to complain.
It's even easier to do something about your issue than whine about it every time. So, I decided to look up my favorite band--Daughtry and what's new about their latest album #Baptized.

I saw this post on Instagram where someone hated so much on them. So, it got me wondering just much hate is out there? For Daughtry, when I typed the words 'i hate daughtry', i got 1,186,000 results in 0.33 seconds.

(Typing that was hard for me)

So, I opted for what I truly feel and typed 'I love Daughtry' and got 7,460,000 results in 0.35 seconds courtesy of Google.

This got me wrapped around the things I have been doing this week.Though it seems as though a lot of it has involved running around, meeting people, taking calls and working on proposals- none of it comes close to how you deal with what's happening around you.

Most artistes have haters! Some people even invest their time blogging every day about how much a musician or actor sucks, or how awful their works are...and it hit me "hating takes a lot of energy!" As you can see, Daughtry have haters, and other fans who love their music and listen to them. So, they can choose to live for their dream and goals and not worry about pleasing anyone-- and in so doing, they understand that people can choose to hate on them or love them. What would you do if you had so much love and so much hate? How would that affect you?

So, now that I am running around getting things ready for full time work, do dare to live right. When I say live right in this aspect, I mean:
  • stop and listen (really listen)
  • take a close look around you. If there's a problem, you can fix it. It may be a small initiative, but nothing beats inactivity when activity is called for.
  • appreciate the wonderful people in your life , thank that guard for letting you into the premises every morning at work. Thank that woman for preparing and serving you tea at work.Thank your partner for putting up with you- it takes guts.
  • eat right. Yes, this might tough a nerve, but treat your body as you'd like it to treat you- like royalty!
  • Yeah...and since we're on a roll here- do check out those links I first talked of.

I have my pens, pencils and writing pads ready for a writing journey!

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?