Saturday, February 22, 2014

The day I bought Red Plum Jam!

Wonders never cease!
I have never heard of this, but if you own some of the things I am about to mention in your kitchen, and have a hired help be warned, one can be swapped for the other. So, what am I going on about?
Tomato paste & Red Plum Jam!
I had one of the busiest Saturdays today. I woke up to do my laundry and complete my short story submission for the Commonwealth Non-fiction Workshop, then went to the market to buy food supplies.
I came back to the house at half past eleven and asked Jay's nanny to prepare lunch, something light for herself and Jay. PS: If you don't know about Jay, well, he's my 4 year old nephew.
She asked me what she could prepare and I told her some egg curry and rice would do just fine.
I told her to just make a great paste for the egg curry so it'd be yummy, and she said she knew how to do it.
I took her word and dashed back to the market to get more supplies promising her that I would be back in less than half an hour. She went to the living room to watch Nickelodeon with Jay, and I felt the sirens in me flare like flames.
I had just asked her to get lunch ready and she was going to watch 'Robot and Monster' -  blast you Nickelodeon, I loove Robot and Monster too!
So, here's the best part: I came back just as she had finished making the paste to see the Red Plum Jam can opened!
I asked her why it was open and she said, 'I used it to make the paste, just like you advised and it's really thick!'
Okay, scratch that, Dear Heavens, did she just use jam as tomato paste?
I laughed first, well it seemed like forever, and then I told her jam was for bread. I went ahead to show her the tomato paste, with pictures of tomatoes on it;-)  and asked her not to forget again.
As for the eggs, well, they were salty-sweeeet!
I had a glass of fresh milk and went ahead to prepare the grains I had bought.
As for my chef in practice, I am making chapati tonight, and I hope to teach her a few things, but one thing is certain: I will keep the honey far away from the cooking oil, for the sake of my chapatis!