Saturday, April 26, 2014

Things Change

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional." - John C. Maxwell

I don't know just how well I do with change. Is it there or not, well, I cannot quite bring myself to say it.

I've had a delightful week. I have come to love reading The Inheritance Trilogy by N. K. Jemisin and decided to leave it at book two.

Yes, enough of the gods and their mortals. I enjoyed the two books- and decided to let it end there. I might read the third book, if I'm convinced that there's something raw and unhindered like the Night Lord's power and desire.

Other than that- I have a toothache. It started aching three nights ago, but some sick and demented part of me is enjoying the pain because I know it will have to be surgically removed since it's erupting from the gum but too close to another tooth. So, guess the pain will be for a while...let's hope I can bear it till Wednesday, by then the dentist would be able to surgically remove it. Until then, I'll be high on pain killers and staying clear of sugar.

So, that's how my week's been. How's your week been?

It might seem so reckless of me to continue as though you've given me a response but that's the downfall of blogging. I always know I'm talking to you, but you can only respond  via a comment when I'm done (sucks, but it makes you a great reader and listener). Cheers to that!

Grace told me, "Things Change."

According to Grace, I still have guy issues to deal with and should always find a way of being less brutal with people when I say the truth. Can the truth have a soft landing?

I don't know. Can something that's plain to see in need of a soft landing?

I told her, I leave 'being politically correct' to politicians, and where I live- they are deemed worse than scum, but the same people still vote for them. We call it a love-apathy kind of relationship.

She seems to think that if I continue as I am- then I'd be skinny forever, but I also tell her- it is only for a while. Things change, and that's the best hope a girl like me needs.
Have you ever been angry?
I mean really angry at someone that you found yourself doing and saying things that you never thought were in you?

It's because of the pressure that you change. You know when we are pushed to the wall, we find ourselves reverting to the old habits we knew instead of acting as deemed fit in the new situation we are in. An example, a well educated person going all vernacular and insulting a colleague because he/she feels offended by what they have said or done.

Isn't education a form of culture?
Doesn't it comes with ways and rules of engagement?
There are certainly rules of argument- but the educated person, being pressured resorts to the way that he/she knows best. And what happens is irrevocable. You cannot take back your words, just like you cannot "unthrow" a stone.

I figured as Grace was talking that we have to change our methods to fight for where we are, not where we were.

"Change your methods to fight for where you are not where you were."

Sound simple, but this is not the past minute or hour or day. The woman in your life is not the woman that was in your life. The man in your life is not the man that was in your life. If you compare them, you are disrespecting them in the greatest ways possible.
You have to find a way of appreciating and understanding things and people for who they present themselves to you, and who they truly are without using someone's past mistakes as a benchmark.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?

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