Sunday, June 22, 2014

A reason to write

I was woken up by my sister at half past six today with the question, "are you going to church?"
I answered "no" and remained curled in bed for five minutes then I got up, dressed and went to church.
Now my morning hesitation had me thinking of "reasons" and it does not help that I am reading Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult which follows a young woman- Paige, who leaves her husband and infant- to find the mother who'd walked out on them twenty years ago. She's overwhelmed by her new family- and has questions that only her mother could  answer- but her husband, Nicholas, does not understand or want to forgive the fact that she ran away.

Have you ever had reasons that were not so obvious to people once you explained them?

Have you ever sought forgiveness when what you really wanted was understanding?

I have.
I always do- and sometimes, my friend conclude that "I'm special" and if that's the way they can deal with it, I almost always let it slide.

What people need more often than not is understanding.
Isn't that why we often hear that you have to walk a mile and back in someone's shoes before you judge?

What would you do if no one understood your actions or thoughts?

I'd go insane. At times when no one is watching- I write these horror stories based on my moments of frustration- and burn them. It's like release for me- and it always makes me smile dreaming of how beautiful and evil people can be. It's not easy always explaining yourself, but have you ever tried to sell something to someone?

Sales Agents have the toughest time convincing people to buy products.
It's even harder to convince someone to buy into an idea- I know because I've been into research for two years now- and talking to people,seeking information- is harder than selling them a toothbrush at half price!

So...why do I write?

It's a question every writer has asked themselves, or worse off been asked by people expecting an intelligent answer.

I write because I write.
It's as simple as that because I could go on about passion, having a story to tell, taking it as leisure, wanting to be read- but it all boils down to the act of writing itself. So, everyone has all that I've talked about- but few dedicate their time and resources to the act of writing.

I'm going somewhere- so please bear with me.
Yesterday I shared with you my desire to host various short story writers on my blog. I'm still at it people!
If you have a story, let's read it!
All you have to do is:
  1. Visit the blog
  2. Send me a tweet or email me at:
  3. We'll talk about your short story and share it with the readers. It's a good place to start in learning how to tweak your writing and also get feedback on your story.

So, what am I looking for:

Short stories- Contemporary, Fiction, Non-Fiction (No Erotica please- not at the moment), Flash fiction.

How many words? 750-5000 words.

If you have a story to share, then get to it!

Now...what's the reason for all this? I believe there are many stories in this lifetime, and as a lover of tales, I hope to share them with people.

For all that is right, let there be love-peace and understanding.

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