Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How I spent my 84,600 today.

Let's say every morning you get Kshs. 84,600 in your account. This account carries over no balance. You get the same amount every day. What would you do?
How much would you withdraw?
How much would you spend? How? On what and why?

We get 84,600 seconds in a day.
What do you do with yours?

I know some people who suffer from the Tic-toc Syndrome where everything is done in a rush! They honk at you in traffic, curse when the light turns red just as they were to proceed- they eat while standing, they don't have time to visit friends or family, they spend four or more hours a day on traffic while going or coming from work. They get home past 8pm and drink a glass of juice or tea and sleep, so they can wake up at 5am and beat the traffic to work.

Such people have the 84,600 seconds too!

Everyone has the same amount of time at the turn of dawn.
What do you do with yours?

I understand it's hard to measure time- and allocate it specifically to everything that you did of value both to your life and the lives of those around you- but have you ever thought of how you utilize the time you have?

I was prompted to do this while on a motorbike to a primary school called Bungu Koraga. As we made our way there- we encountered the challenge of getting the right route! We met three different people who gave us confusing directions (FYI: When you are lost, ask one person...the more people you ask, the more lost you'll get)

The first man- was old and watching over his cattle and he insisted on shaking my hand several times. He told us to get to the main road and branch at some Catholic Center.
When we got there, there was a narrow path- and so the picky guy asked another young guy with red droopy eyes and very dusty feet for directions. The man asked us to go back to the main road and approach it from some eco-center.
When we got there, we saw four paths. So, we asked a lady in a blue skirt and short brown hair how to proceed. She told us there are five ways to that school. We asked for the easier and more direct route- she told us how to make our way- and in ten minutes we were at the school.

I was glad to get there. I was also glad to have had a very patient picky guy see me through- because his patience made my work easier.
If I were frustrated, I'd not have achieved what I set out to.

It could have been a case of wasted time- but it wasn't for I learned that the school can be approached using five routes, so if the next time it happens to rain, I'm bound to make my way to school. I'll have options- and nothing saves time and money as having options in research and more so while out on field duty.

So, you had 84,600 seconds, did you use it satisfactorily?

I hope so.

For all that is right, let there be love-peace and understanding.

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