Friday, June 6, 2014


Robert Recorde invented the = (equality sign) in 1557.

Thank you Robert!

I'm exhausted and I have been feeling sick the whole day but could not help being on the move. I attended my cousin's open day at Bishop Okoth Ojolla Secondary School- and I learned somethings that have to be shared now before I sleep!

High school never changes much.

I'd admit that the course texts change- but the feeling and angst of being in high school is the same. I walked into that school- and everyone including the parents thought I'd just taken time off school or graduated from high school last year (so guess, my wardrobe is changing asap!)

But- there are two people that I interacted with that got me thinking of how much I utilize what I have with me.

First- the watchman was this short dark man with a shiny face- and feeling of self importance that he made sure no one went past him without doing as he'd asked. It was quite interesting watching him exchange words with a man ten years older than him- over a visitors pass only to realize that this was a parent representative invited by the School Principal. I saw his self importance vanish as he started to worship the ground the old man walked on. I'd say it was the best five minutes of a lesson on respect that I've ever had the pleasure of learning.

Second was a parent who traveled all the way from Naivasha who expressed his disappointment at his child's dismal performance but was also keen on saying "don't maintain what does not work."
He stood out because he advised the students to listen to the BBC radio for there was more to learn there as opposed to stations as Qfm, Kiss and Ghetto Radio. I concurred so much so that I nearly gave him a hug because those kids were speaking in slang and their grades ranged from C to E.

I have however decided that I'd get some rest because I'm exhausted and my dizzy spells have materialized to blackouts. My body is calling out for some rest and it's going to get some.

I had a good day today- and if there's something I learned it's that making a decision and acting on it is always the beginning of attaining a desired goal.
Have a good weekend!

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?