Sunday, June 29, 2014

The truth

Everybody tells the truth- they just say it differently. I know you have just rolled your eyes, but somethings cannot be undone and that's what is important about telling the truth.
I have often had to withhold information from people under the guise of 'confidentiality' and this has never made it easier for me in my line of work. It could be easy to simply blurt out what I know- but with time I have come to exercise control and accept what comes my way with such positivity that it has had me branded as 'crazy.'
I will admit that being called crazy does have its perks.

So, what is the truth?
Grace told me the truth is 'what is.'
Bill told me not to put him to the test. (I understand because he knows that I can always surprise him by asking mind boggling questions- and he hates such questions, especially when he's hungry.) So, what is the truth?
Nelly told me the truth is relative.

What is the truth to you?
Does it involve concealing a crucial aspect or omitting it? If so, then your truth could be classified as 'relative.'

I was talking to my Mom today- and she made me realize that when someone is hurt the versions of the truth are as many as the emotions that come with being hurt. She was going through a family issue and it seemed as though everyone around her did not want to speak up about how much they are hurting. My Mom is known for speaking up when things go wrong. She talks it out, unlike me who is a bottler. She talked about it- and learned that she was not the only one in her family who was hurting- but among the wise ones who knew to let it be- and they would be fine. I am in awe of her guts right now.

You know sometimes it seems as though telling the truth would injure more than heal- but so would keeping it hidden or omitting a fact that is crucial to your story.
So, no matter how hard or painful it is- speak your truth, not in a raised tone or condescending tone- but let it ease through your lips when everyone else is doing their best to keep it under wraps.

And in other news- I bought four books from Nakumatt that I get to read this month. I've got a hectic but much needed work schedule this month- because the holidays are almost here and I'm organizing a one week workshop themed #TEAM for teenagers here in Kisumu courtesy of Teens For Teens-Kenya.

Have a great week ahead!