Saturday, August 9, 2014

Better in time

I am glad that the holidays are here and I get to sleep in, read lots of books and listen to music.
I just bought a copy of MTV's Teen Wolf Season Four to watch and when I got home and put into the DVD player, I realized that my batteries are out and so I could not use my remote (very classic I say).

So, I looked at the four books I bought from Nakumatt and realized that I'd have to start with one by Michael Connelly why? Well, just read The Poet then you'll understand why you shall never pass any of his books on the book shelf!
So, that being said, I realized that my last blog post was made a week ago- and to be honest I feel as though that's in the past, so I started writing.

What has been keeping me busy?
Well, I recently got onto this project to prove to a friend that we always have the chance to meet new people and get insights from them on life daily. How so?
We have social media and networks and lost of friends and followers- but in real sense it's just statistics.

I have five thousand plus friends on facebook- and a writer's page, but know few of them why? Because mutual friends are friends in the online world, and though some have read my books and sent me shoutouts- I feel as though my friend was right to admit that we barely know each other in this age of smartphones and selfies and reposts.

So, I accepted his challenge and set up this blog: to prove him wrong, or partially right!

I've been working on that- and taking time to heal too because I've had some chest complications especially as regards my breathing having been out in the cold every day.

I started working on a novel last year but never finished it and that's what I hope to do by Monday. I have posted bits of it on my story blog: and thought I'd make it available for download on smashwords too.
Here's the working title, and cover page.

All's well for now and I hope things get better and as always I'll keep you updated.
Have a great weekend and happy holidays!

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