Monday, August 18, 2014

Patience, Music, Love and other things!

Thank heavens for traffic- because I have mastered the art of sitting patiently in a bus whilst reading or listening to music.

I teared up at Sam Smith's  "I'm Not the Only One" and found myself singing along to "Caracara" by K.O ft. Kid X

So, where does love come in?
Well, love for my family most definitely reigns supreme and I had this past Saturday I asked my sister to take me to the market so I could buy some clothes and shoes.
An hour later- and this is what I got.

Yeah, and a pair of shoes!

I'll probably get the clothes some day, but for now I am glad to have bought books to read because they are cheaper along the streets on Nairobi and as diverse as the various genres than in Kisumu.

But the greatest lesson this August has been Pastor Oscar Muriu's sermons on The Four Horsemen of Financial Ruin because I have been working towards a goal, and nothing beats being financially wise because it prepares you for the future and better wealth creation and management.

It's easier to spend money, than save it, and to have gone through his sermons has enlightened me on financial management and how to have a clear and better vision.

You can read all about it here

As for now, I'm heading home- got lots to do and some rest to catch up on.
Until then, have a blessed week!

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