Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Choose Yourself

I woke up feeling exhausted today, but the thing is, I am waiting for the sun to come up before I leave for work.Yes, and I am grateful for that kind of flexibility.

See, I need to visit some schools in Ahero, and given that I had waded through mud yesterday I am not willing to do the same today, so if I go some time around midday then it shall be a little better, I hope.

So, after doing some house cleaning and taking breakfast I decided to share some posts online and I was reading a blog when I came across "Riffle."
Have you heard of it?

If you are on Goodreads then you should check out Riffle
It's a site that's all about books, getting great recommendations because let's face it- there are so many authors out there and you could always use a good referral. So, if you get the time check it out- and sign up using your Facebook profile, Twitter account or Google + account, and while you're at it visit my profile too: Archie

I know not how you woke up this morning but if you are reading this blog post, it is my hope that you are better than you were and you'll keep being your very best. So, why "choose yourself?"
I have been taking some leadership lessons from John C. Maxwell and yesterday he was talking about leading up. You know how to influence your superiors when you are in the middle- and his first step was to 'lead yourself.'
You have to lead yourself before you can lead others. You can best do this by managing your emotions, time, decisions, finances, health and personal life.

So, as the lesson continued I found myself coming to terms with the fact that I need to choose myself. I had shared this with some of my close friends and family- but it was only yesterday that it dawned on me how much we forget about ourselves every morning when we leave the house.
If you are  employed, you leave the house every morning to build or improve someone else. Don't lie to yourself that you are improving yourself because you work to earn a living. And before you start thinking that was harsh- just pause...breathe...think about it...what do you do when you get your salary?

You pay rent, debts, bills, and then maybe spend some clubbing,right?
So, in other words you improve your landlord, your debtors, suppliers and people around you.

Have you ever thought of doing something intrinsic for you? And that's where I came up with a simple log for all the people I improve on a daily basis and what I do with my salary and though Nakumatt is big on my list- I always treat myself to books. Why? I love reading and I'm a Writer, so I improve Nakumatt to further improve my writing and so far I can say that it's working well because I shall be having printed copies of my book in three months time!

Where money is concerned, you'll find yourself improving someone else, but if there's one thing I have learned this month it's that choosing oneself means always being the one to pull yourself up even when it seems that you cannot because other people cannot do it for you. No one can be you. They can try but they do not have what it takes within- only you can be you, so do that.

Choose yourself.

Dora Achieng' Okeyo
Whatsoever you do, do it to perfection.

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