Friday, September 5, 2014

Wading through the mud.

I have learned that wading through the mud is a necessary skill for any one who is assigned field duties here in Kisumu County.
Here's why:

​This was the situation at Kowuor Primary which is a fifteen minute walk from the Judiciary offices in Ahero town after a slight drizzle.

I had to walk bare-feet on my way back because it had rained for four hours, and the path was too slippery to walk with shoes on.​

​So, what's my take?
I had a splendid day! Why? I was rained on for two hours and now I understand what Mr feels. So, what's it that made my day too? I had the opportunity to finish reading "Empire of Dragons" by Valerio Massimo Manfredi who happens to be born on the same date as me :-)

I even gushed about the book on my riffle page!
Now, am all about writing and submitting stories for various competitions and until then best have a great weekend and keep warm!

FYI: There's this story that's on this blog that's titled "Spices I've Never Tasted" and it's told from the point view of B- a girl with enough attitude and dreams to see her through her first job. Plus, she's a good cook!​