Monday, September 29, 2014

What Can You Afford?

I finally read the copy of the Daily Nation newspaper that I had bought last Friday.
I'll admit that I do not watch the news (and I am glad in a way that there's a wrangle with GOTv and hence, I have more time to read) or read newspapers- except for the Friday edition.

Jobs and Wale Akinyemi

I love to check out what's out there and get the chance to edit my CV and apply for any interesting and challenging jobs. But, I love reading Wale's column- it's short and mostly towards the end of the paper- but it always enlightens me. So, this past Friday he said "people remain stagnant because they can afford to. What can you afford?"
If you procrastinate like me, then chances are reading his article would make you rethink your life! So, by a show of many of us have had dreams? I mean, you get excited about something plan to take it up, talk endlessly about it- and then realize that five or ten years later you are still talking but have done nothing?

I see you!

So, I see that nodding is a big deal- but don't worry no one is watching you. You are reading this blog and laughing or smiling to yourself, so how about that nod, eh?

Thank you! But question is, what can you do about?

Get up and work on it! Just do it!

I learned this the hard way because I have been talking about having my book in print by December- but it is not finished. I have the end of this month to submit it, get a proof copy and the get copies shipped to Kenya. It takes roughly 31 days of standard shipping so that means November is a no-go zone, plus I want to participate in NanoWrimo- which leaves me with 31 days to complete my writing.

I have no excuse, I cannot afford to sit back and watch my book write itself and so, I am embarking on a marathon of sorts and this is what keeps me going. So, ask yourself, what can you afford? Because success, self-actualization costs us something. Take time after reading this and write down what your endeavors cost you.

How much does that job cost you?
How much does postponing a visit to the gym or engaging in healthy eating cost you?
How much does slander cost you?
How much does postponing a break-up cost you?
How much does talking and not acting upon your projects cost you?

Do the Math, and have a lovely week!
Do not let anyone define you.

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