Monday, November 17, 2014

One displeased shopper

I am angry following an incident that happened this morning at the Tuskys Supermarket here in Kisumu.

I woke up at 5:50am and snoozed my alarm till 6:16am before cleaning the house and braiding what was left of my hair. My hairdresser told me to get my hands on Miadi Scalp Healer to help soothe my scalp given the nature of my work and my 'reluctance' to girlie up! So, that's what I went to buy at Tuskys.

It's nearer to our home, and it was on my way to the Library so I figured why not go in and get the hairfood and then leave.
So, as I was reaching out for the hairfood, one slipped and fell and I returned it. I continued listening to my musi and looking at the prices and reaching out for more products when this lady tapped my shoulder and I turned. She was holding one of the Miadi products, I smiled and prompted her, "yes!"
She said, "umeangusha hii, na sasa itabidi uilipie, hivyo ndivyo sisi hufanya."

I removed my earphones and she went on, "yes, ni wewe umeangusha and itabidi ulipe sababu imeanguka na sasa imepasuka hapa chini, ama tulete camera?"

Wait! Hold up!
I dropped it?
And I made it crack? Where's the crack? How come I did not see it? 

So, I look to see that it costs 430/= and I had already picked the 400g scalp healer which was way cheaper at 390/= and this lady was on my case that I pay for it?

She went ahead to call the man in-charge.
He asked me, "madam how are you?"
"Not fine."
"Why aren't you fine? Tell me what's happened."
"Okay, I was comparing prices of products and I reached out for the scalp healer and this other container must have fallen, while I was at it. I picked it and put it back and it was fine, then some minutes later this lady walks up to me and says that I have to pay for the crack, and she comes insisting that I did it intentionally and that I have to pay, so why can't I pay for what I wanted, besides it's not my fault that you put your products so close together and on the top most shelf- and further more I am not the one who chose such low quality plastic for packaging the Miadi hairfood!"

"Madam, wacha kukasirika, kubali umekosa."

"Haven't you been listening? Ama "not my intention" ndio huelewi?"

"No, you know what! I'll pay for the oil and then give it to someone who will use it, so can I go now?"

"Stop calling me Madam! Mimi sio mwalimu! I am pissed off and you are not helping! Nipe niende!"

I walked back to the aisle, took the hairfood from the lady, and then she snatched it out of my hand immediately and said, "look, I am sorry, listen, take the scalp healer and usikasirike na mimi."

I took the scalp healer, paid for it and now here I am still seething with anger because someone approached a situation the wrong way and made me lose my cool. I know people in business believe that "the customer is always right," and I have been called off for being overtly emotional, but as this goes, I am done with shopping at the Tuskys here in Kisumu.

I could get over it, because it was a small incident, but I have come to learn that "it's my money,my appreciation, and if I cannot be treated with an ounce of respect for it then let it be!" So, now I'll probably take a walk to town to buy stuff or stroll to Kibuye and try out "Westmatt."

PS: Turns out the hairfood was way cheaper at Tuskys because at Ukwala and Nakumatt it's 420/=

Do not let anyone define you.

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