Thursday, November 13, 2014

You shouldn't be here

"You shouldn't be here."

I turned to look at my self appointed bodyguard at Ukwala Supermarket. It was 3pm and I suddenly had the desire for some chocolate cake and coffee, not that I was hungry or in a good mood. I had the money and the desire and went for it! Sigmund knew about such stuff!
So there he was, in a blue T-shirt and jeans that had probably been to more places than his shoes. He had a smile that would have suited a teenager.

"Hi, I'm Lenny, we are friends on Facebook."
"Okay, and you know who I am?"
"Dora, you write some good stuff, I just thought you lived there in Nai or something."
"So, do you work here in Kisumu?"
"Yes, but maybe we could have coffee some time, I know you love coffee."

I nodded but truth is I did not know anything about him. I have 5,000 friends on Facebook, most of them have read my works and in one way or another found themselves in the list of friends as determined by a social network.
I thought about it for hours after walking out of Ukwala with the cake and promise of coffee time.
I had been reading some romance novels by Elizabeth Lennox with a couple of Sheikhs that were as pompous and seemed like the gods of love that simply being called out like that reminded me of one of the heroines.

I haven't done much writing since Monday, but am working on it this weekend hoping to finish my #NanoWrimo challenge and get moving too.

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