Monday, December 22, 2014


"Everyone loves attention, I mean why do relationships fail even before they start?"

All my life, I have loved being in the background when it comes to writing stories and expressing myself through words. It never occurred to me that I would have to one day step into the spotlight and be adored or criticized for my work.
I was not prepared for it, truth is I am still unprepared for it all.

So, today am faced with the question "what would you do when the spotlight is on you?"

Run and hide! Is what comes to mind, but then that does not do me any good does it? I have been going on about my novel Fire since November 23rd and by now it seems as though everyone else is quiet about it but me- and so after my 3-day weekend at the library I decided to sit down and evaluate my marketing strategy because that's what happens when you self-publish, you have to sell your own book and be responsible for it's sales and losses.

The first thing that came to mind was my network, my close friends and family- and so I went ahead and contacted a few people whose opinions I trusted and shared with them copies of the book.
Bill got it, read it and wrote quite some review (you can read it here) and suggested that the ebook price $5 is on the high side and that I could maybe reduce it to something like $3. He later on went to buy a copy- and came through as the first person to buy it.

But, there is one thing I was never prepared for- 'the constant talk about the book.' I have become like a network marketer always finding a way of letting people know that I just published a book, and I would like them to buy it- and this is very new and uncomfortable to me. I do not know how to go about it because at this point, I have had five buyers send me mail saying they got the book and can't wait to read the second book- and the pressure is dawning on me and am back to square one asking "what if?"

Sometimes I read through the story and ask, "why did I embark on this quest?"
Sometimes when am not so scared, I read through it and feel "This is my best work ever," and it's the inconsistency that's freaking me out.
I talked to Grace about it and all she could say was that I had better get used to the attention and not deviate from the story line because she wants to read all four books!

​So, maybe you have had your doubts and insecurities about something you started, it could be work or a project or an initiative and you are like me- stuck in a rut- all I can say is that- it happens! It's not wrong to be uncertain, but rather worrisome to stay uncertain.
You can have moments where you don't want to talk or shine in the spotlight because you are afraid that everyone will see through your fear.

At this point, am going all out and stepping into that spotlight because I am going to learn through my experience being there and it would help me make decisions about my other works. So, why not?  I might get burned or shine brighter but I'll never know unless I step out.

So, now you know about my book. It's called "Fire."
I want you to read about it on Amazon and tell a good friend to tell another friend about it, and if you would like to buy a copy and read the story, you can buy it here.
Do not let anyone define you.