Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Things I never got to do this year!

There are so many things I wanted to do this year, and somewhere along the way due to procrastination, work and let's just say circumstances, I never got to do, so am getting to the point with a list of stuff. So these are the things I never got to do this year:
  1. Get married! (This comes first because Grace predicted that I would get engaged this year, and now that I laugh about it, it seems like she is a sore loser- so let's wait and see)
  2. Volunteer at New Life's Childrens Home for a week!
  3. Read "The Last Legion" by Valerio Massimo Manfredi
  4. Take swimming lessons
  5. Play tennis (I was pretty steady at this in high school)
  6. Buy red heels
  7. Watch "Vampire Diaries"- and I boldly confess that I have not watched not even one complete episode of the tv show.
  8. Have coffee at the Boston Cafe that's located in downtown Kisumu- well, Java opened shop and I got derailed :-)
  9. Write #Detached
  10. Write #ChooseMe
  11. Go out on a dinner date with a stranger- I have always wanted to do that! Well, not in a secluded place, but somewhere public like Buddy's here in Kisumu. 
  12. Buy another Dictionary
  13. Skip rope every evening
  14. Take Advanced Chinese Pinyin lessons. I lost the psyche after I failed level 3! 
  15. Take a one day trip to Kakamega.
  16. Take a one day trip to Bungoma to go lounge at Yako Mart and eat their chips masala! Yes, I know I'd spend a thousand shillings to-and-from Bungoma just to eat a plate of fries that cost Ksh. 150!
  17. Record myself singing, "Mighty to Save" by Hillsong United.
  18. Start a podcast.
  19. Officially launch "Teens for Teens-Kenya." Well, I have my go-ahead and am on full marketing mode this coming January- so if you know anyone who is 13-17years old, let them check out T4T for more details!
  20. Gain 2kgs. Well, I lost 5kgs instead, but tried to gain it over the holidays! 
  21. Board the ferry.
  22. Visit the Dr. Robert Ouko Library with Mr. It never happened, instead, work and travel happened!
  23. Buy a black evening dress.
  24. Change my look from boy-jeans to something girlie. Well, it's never happening! I tried wedges for a day and I suck at it! Just bought another pair of Bata Sundrops though- flat is comfortable!
  25. Learn how to play the piano
  26. Learn how to play the guitar
  27. Go out dancing
  28. Attend a camp
  29. Visit a Gynaecologist
  30. Get Cleardrops for my eyes.
  31. Eat less junk.
  32. Stop drinking soda. This worked until I met Fanta Passion, and things just went south!
  33. Visit an Ex. Well, he got married- and there's no way am dropping by to say hello, never!
  34. Get on a lift which has more than six people. I still can't, it's too crowded and I can't breathe in there.
  35. Start a business.
  36. Make cards.
So, that's my list and I probably would have more if I could just sit down and think about it, but if I were to make a list of the things I got to do this year, this would top it:
  • I made it thus far thanks to God's grace and love.
So, what's in your list?
What didn't you do? And what did you do?