Saturday, December 27, 2014


I got my hands on my proof copies this morning and I have been so happy that I cannot find the right words to express my joy.
So, for the purposes of sanity I will try and contain myself and tell you all about it.

​I collected my books from the post office at around 10:26am, and see how glossy and epic they look!

​I have been telling you about Fire being available for download on Amazon since November 5th, and well- the paperback is as beautiful and handy as I had expected. The font however surprised me most, because against a white background it looks great and it makes reading the book so simple and eye-friendly.

I am currently working on two titles, but the next book in the series will be more detailed and longer than Fire, it's titled "Water" and you can expect it to be released in April 2015 God willing.

I was so excited that I made a short video on #Fire. You can check it out here
The copies are still available online and you can go to the direct link by clicking on the cover image of the book on the right side bar on this blog.

Until then, let's continue writing :-)
Do not let anyone define you.

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