Friday, February 13, 2015

What I'll do this Valentine's day!

I bought Grumpy a wallet!
Yes, a brown leather wallet that has enough compartments for his cards and money and it is the kind of wallet you could spot on Pinterest and think, damn! I need me one of those!

And his reaction, "why did you get me a wallet? what's wrong with the one I have?"

My reaction...a blank stare that could summon both our ancestors from their graves! 

I pride myself in the art of gift giving! I mean, if you want to get someone anything and for whatever season, just ask me and I could always come up with something rad! Yes, and I am blowing my trumpet and struming my guitar right about now on this! I also know what kind of mugs to give as gifts, and never have I met anyone who did not see the value or use of my gift, save for Grumpy!

So, now I know- no more classic leather wallets for him, or cologne or after shave or any Nivea for Men hamper! And while we are at it, no more of all that, because I am at a loss here.
So, given that my pre-valentine's day has started out like the climax of a telenovela, this is what I will be doing this Valentine's day!
  • Sleep till 10am. (I have to make up for the sleep that I have missed this week, this 5am club is not an easy feat.)
  • Do laundry and dust my room.
  • Have coffee, three cups is right about fine- and some mandazi.
  • Get Daughtryfied: listen to #daughtry, #leavethistown, #breakthespell, #baptized. 
  • Watch re-runs of Scorpion, because I love me some #Tapy
  • Finish reading All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren
  • Finish writing the romance novel that I was supposed to write and release on Smashwords for Valentine's.
  • Get mad at Grumpy, but forgive him if he asks me out to coffee and gets me at least a book from #BooksFirst :-)
And, to be honest, I will most probably do the first thing I have stated better than everything else, because my week has involved a lot of movement, and some sleep would be a welcome relief.

And to you for bearing with me, "Happy Valentine's Day," before you celebrate someone else- or wait to be celebrated, do one thing: cherish yourself first- because to receive love, you have to give love, and I know you are mighty fine to do just that. xoxo
Do not let anyone define you.