Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Free book to read tomorrow.

Please tell me that you love reading free ebooks, do you?

Well, there's a book I wrote three years ago- and I was just learning the ropes on online publishing and making my way along search engines and cover image creation.
It's titled "Take this Message to Rayo," and the cover image looks something like this:

​It's a story about a young girl named Mima who finds herself on the streets after her mother passes away and her father bails out on them- leaving her under the care of her brother. I had such a clear understanding of life on the streets because I was doing my community service at such a time- so, hence the inspiration for the story.

I would like you to read it.
Here's why:
  1. It is free tomorrow and Friday.
  2. You will need kindle or an eReader which you can easily download as an app on your phone or computer- just for the two days :-)
  3. It is a short story, 56 pages only! That's around twelve pages short of a newspaper!
  4. It is a story told from the viewpoint of a twelve year old.
  5. And once you are done, you can leave a much needed review- if you will be too tired to type a few words, then simply click on as many or little stars as you can to rate the book.

The book is available on this link ---> get it, free

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