Monday, May 4, 2015

The Highlights of my Week

I traveled to Nairobi last Sunday and got to rest before proceeding to Brackenhurst Conference Center in Limuru.

We had an organizational team building event and left the place on Wednesday afternoon and I was looking forward to one thing only: book shopping. Nairobi has got so many streets lined up with books and my favorite go to place is right outside Tuskys Beba Beba.
I spent my Thursday afternoon looking for books and I managed to snag some four titles, but what was on my mind was #romance.

It has been a while since I wrote a romance story and I have playing around with some story lines that I feel would amount to a good story and that in itself means that I would spend more time working on it.
But the greatest highlight has got to be being interviewed by my friend's girlfriend.
Yes, she is called Michelle. She is a second year student at Maseno University, working towards a career in Education. She called me up and asked me if she would write a feature on me for her term paper and I could not help but be humbled and also challenged by her questions. It was also good to hear her views on my writing, and at some point she said, " I loved reading Fire and if I may be honest, you wrote that book better than the other romance stories, it's not like they are not good, it's just that Fire is more mature, like my Professor can read it, do you get?"
I nodded, but a part of me died.
Greg says it's my ego, but it's more than that.
And the realization that people would compare my works and give others precedence, scares me. Michelle scared me right then, but I have to deal with it.
Aside from all that, I decided to upgrade and get a domain name so I could work on something serious, but so far there's nothing to it and it's killing me right now, so until I work on everything, have a great week!
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