Monday, June 2, 2014

Marry a Writer

The flip side of ---> Never Marry a Writer

So, you have finally met the person who you can't have enough of. They understand you better than you pretend to- and you have to spend the rest of your life with them- but there's just one thing she/he is a "Writer."


You have finally come to your senses so:

Your friends and family are so happy that when you introduce your partner and say, "writer..." they immediately ask, "what have you written? Are your books in stores? What do you write?"
And at this you see the love of your life cringe- and slowly retreat into his/her own world as though yours would contaminate her/him.

Well, guess what...marry a writer because he/she will always have another world to usher you in when things take a toll on you. She/he will write words and spin worlds that you have never imagined or thought possible and it gets better when it's done out of love.
Marry a writer because you are guaranteed a love of books and reading that would be passed down to your children. No one wants kids who cannot read, write or speak audibly.
Marry a writer because you will learn a new word or phrase everyday- and you won't have to worry about dealing with spell-check only- because he/she will always let you know when you have committed a grammatical crime.
Marry a writer because your time together will never be lost. She/he will write down snippets of things you did and you can always read them on your anniversary.
Marry a writer because when things do no work out between you two (though I so hope it would) he/she could find healing in their words and write a masterpiece on the heartbreak your divorce cost and as such they'd not need money from you for maintenance or demand to split assets and costs in half.
Marry a writer because she/he will always have words to write in cards, or cute poems that you and your friends would love.
Marry a writer because your house will be a den of books and we all know just how much knowledge a book contains- now picture thousands of them!
Marry a writer because when she/he is suffering from procrastination and a lack of ideas- they will frustrate you with their whining and pining and disregard for their health so much so that you will learn how to brew a good pot of coffee and keep a desk clean!

And to top it all, forget what I've said...marry a writer because their words are totally different from what I've just said.

Pictures courtesy of Pinterest and Perspective Focus
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