Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend things

I can't wait for Monday to get here!
Happy Madaraka Day to all the Kenyans, and kindly allow me to switch things up a bit! So, we get to take time off work tomorrow- seeing as it's an extended public holiday- and resume work on Tuesday- terrific right?

Well, I'm excited about it- but here's why:
I have six writing competitions to enter by the end of August!

Cool, uh?
Having been bummed about missing out on a competition,( I ranted here) I decided to always look out for more challenging competitions and I happened to come across some at Writing Career this week.
So, I have some writing to do as I head out onto the field again, and I welcome the challenge because it means I will get more inspiration from the people and places I encounter to write even better.

I also got a request from awe_teen to write a story that she'd be submitting to their school for part of "People who Inspire Me" project.
It's an honor for me and after directing her to PicMonkey , she created this cover image and came up with this title.

So, now I owe her five thousand words of "The Perfect Love Story" and I think I have the right fit for this, I'm going #futuristic on this- and will share this through Smashwords so, guess there's lots to do today and tomorrow.
Have a lovely weekend and a great week ahead!

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