Sunday, December 29, 2013

All the Wrong Reasons!

Happy Sunday people!
How are you doing today?

I'm good- if you call waking up at 9:10am feeling like I should sleep till 6pm- then I'm definitely good. So, what's new today? Well, it's been exactly five days since I blogged and for the love of me- that feels refreshing!

Someone told me to take a look at this year, and think of all the milestones I have achieved and somewhere in between her being a Master Yoda- and a friend, I could glimpse at myself being annoyed by her (no offense she's pretty and a good friend, but I wasn't up to it). It was definitely one of those days where coffee could have been a better substitute. So, now that I think about it- I definitely don't feel like reviewing what happened this year because of the nostalgia.

I would however admit that I have learned the value of good friends and family.

I also came to the resolution of writing full time. It is in this light that I'd be so happy to say that I did achieve some clarity with my voice and style and just what genre of writing is comfortable for me.
I wrote more than 50,000 words this November during NanoWrimo. I also attained the 7,000 download mark for my ebook I Love You This Much which is still FREE on Smashwords.
I am in the process of writing a Four- Part novel series titled Currents, and this had me sign up for an online course on basic Politics and Government in Sub-Saharan Africa. So, it definitely has some governance, dirty politics, disregard for human rights and one man on a quest to self-actualize.

But one thing I have to admit is that- I learned that a Devil's Advocate is important, having someone who is willing to be against you just so you can see both sides of the story before making a wrong decision that could affect your life negatively.

There's one project that I started this year---> The Graduate Diaries and it is my hope that I will continue with it because there's always a lot to be learned about employment, job creation, career paths and most of all use of talents and skills.

So- did I just veer off the topic or what?

I guess a bit of me had to share what my focus has been and why I have steered away from blogging for 5 days. So there you have it, I am embarking on full time writing and will learn as I go and hopefully we'll be telling a different story next time.